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PSYCH2GO Magazine #6-9 - Asexuality, Bisexuality, Non-binary Genders & Pansexuality(Digital)

PSYCH2GO Magazine #6-9 - Asexuality, Bisexuality, Non-binary Genders & Pansexuality(Digital)

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This is a special bundle edition of the 4 issues of our magazine we did on LGBT issues. Each issue includes an indepth article about this awareness topic, and also features topics from animal psychology, to music psychology, to LGBT psychology - this magazine has a wide range for you to enjoy. Issue 6 is Asexuality, issue 7 is bisexuality, issue 8 is non-binary genders and issue 9 is pansexuality. 

This bundle is the best way to learn about a wide range of topics, both regarding LGBT issue, and wider psychology itself!

We also take community submissions in each issue, so if you'd like to get involved, drop us an email! There are also lots of fun quizzes and some beautiful artwork within the issue. Each issue is around 80 pages long.

These digital copies are available immediately and so will be emailed directly to the email you use to order. If your question isn’t answered here please feel free to email us at


Be sure to check out the other issues of our physical magazine as well, to see what we have available!


Thanks for supporting what we do! Your support ensures the on going production of each of our issues! 


Also, you can download these right away after you've paid. And it's 100% refundable too! No questions asked! 


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