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Bottles of PSI

Bottles of PSI

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Glass is the reflection of the transparent clarity of the mind that we want you to have. Embedded with a bamboo lid, it reflects the sustainable nature of life.

Through your day, you can put coffee, tea or water into this cup, that replenishes your thirst. This can be placed at your computer desk as you work or relax to a calm meditation tone. Psi will be there to walk with you through your mental wellness journey every day

These bottles will be shipped securely on their way to you, so don't worry about them breaking. But if for whatever reason, they do break, just send us a picture of it and we will refund you. We are only able to cover up to 2 bottles per order at a full refund. However, we genuinely hope they get to you safely and we will do our best to ensure they are sealed well. 


Shipping from Canada. 

Any questions, email them to 

If you order 2, you can use the discount code "PSI" for 15% off.  

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