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Psych2Go's First Subscription Box [PREORDER]

Psych2Go's First Subscription Box [PREORDER]

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Hi everyone, so sorry, we're putting a pause on the ordering for this for now. It was actually harder than we thought putting it together. We are in the process of shipping out the current set of pre-orders. We may resume this in the near future when we figure out the logistics. Thanks for all the patience. You can reach out to myself at if there's any requests or changes. 


For our long-awaited fans, we have finally curated our first "encouragement box". The idea is that we all need reminders in our life to take better care of ourselves, appreciate the little things, live life a bit more, and feel overall good. 

Self-care is still a growing topic, and fortunately, enough, psych2go has a big community of passionate individuals like yourself who care deeply about self-care. You go as far as wanting to advocate for self-care. 

Whether buying this as a gift for somebody else (dad, mom, friends, boyfriend, girlfriend, or your child), you can be passing on a positive and encouraging message to self-care. 

We hope that you will carry Psych2go's badge of honor to help us create this movement towards a world where everyone starts treating themselves better. 

90% of the proceeds go back towards reinvesting in growing this initiative while 10% goes towards a charity of mental health at the end of every 3 months. 

REFUND POLICY: You can cancel at any time you like with no questions asked. 

DISCLAIMER: Because this is our first subscription box, the items in the box may not be the same, but we will be sure to provide quality items in each box. 

Also, you may notice the names of different artists on the products. One of our goals is to work with small businesses and artists to help promote self-care-related products. 


Contact myself personally at to inquire or learn more about this initiative or see how you could involved. You can also suggest ideas too. 

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