Psych2Go's vision is to help people live a more colourful life. 

To achieve this, we create colourful animation content on topics like mental health, mental wellness, self care, self love, relationships, and personal development so that anyone can easily digest difficult topics in a way that makes sense to them. 

We are now on a mission to bring physical products that serve as reminders for people to take care of their mental wellness, and that a community like psych2go exist for us. 

We are confident that in the next 5 years, psych2go will bring you a lot of joy by creating household pieces that you can keep in your home as reminders that life is not meant to be lived in black and white but in colour ways that inspire you to pursue an exciting life. 

We've served over 1 billion people through our content, and we hope to serve 1 billion people through our line of products. 

We will ensure our products are: 

1) Eco friendly 

2) Sustainable and quality assured

3) Functional 

4) Purposeful 

5) A Joy To Keep or Gift


We hope you can join us on this mission. You can email us at to learn more about what we do and job opportunities available.