Your Team

Tai Khuong Founder of the Psych2Go YouTube Channel. 

He started his channel with the idea of making psychology education accessible to the masses. After reaching a community of nearly a million people in a year and less, he knew that psychology has a mass appeal to people. He wanted to make sure that people all around the world will have access to easily digestible psychology content. As time went on, Psych2Go became a channel for people who are struggling with mental health, relationships, and personal fulfillment issues. Incredibly grateful for the team, community and impact that Psych2Go has brought into the lives of others, he hope to keep inspiring others to live the best life that they can live. Psych2Go products aim to help people feel connected to the beautiful and joyful things around the world. 

Imogen Bowler 

Cindy - Operation Manager 

Kelly - Head Designer for Product 

Yumika Tsui - Quality Assurance 

Micheal To - Product Manager, Fulfillment 

Kristen Angelucci - Assistant Manager 

is an aspiring project manager who is currently working on her
bachelor’s degree in Business at Langara college. Learning about mental health
and psychology has been important to her and has helped her continue to learn
about herself and grow as a person.