Magazine Info

The Psych2Go Magazine was created as we at Psych2Go noticed a distinct lack of psychology magazines that are for sale, and aimed at students. We want to be the lead source for students (and others!) who want to learn more about psychology. Furthermore, through our website and various social medias, and more recently our magazine, we want to be a great platform for offering students a way to get work experience, and even paid employment. Considering all these things, we decided to create a brand new magazine, which would be for students, by students. This magazine is quarterly, and is usually out in March, June, September and December. It is currently on it’s 7th issue, with issue 8 well underway.

We have a number of teams who work together to create this magazine. We have a team of writers, who write an article or two each per issue. We also have a team of editors, who ensure the standard of the articles are up to scratch. Then, we have a team of graphic designers, who create amazing little doodles to go with the articles, which we think really make the magazine stand out. We also have a team who write the advice column, and the fun little quizzes we have!

Each issue is centred around a specific awareness theme, and many of the articles within the magazine will be related to this theme. In terms of the topic of articles, we have specific areas that are written about for each issue. These are music psychology, animal psychology, mental health, Psychology in the News, animal psychology, significant person, creative writing, LGBT psychology, child psychology, a media review, psychological myths, forensic psychology, Psych2Go, Career tips, social psychology, Special Needs, interviews, and community submissions on various topics. We also take art submission, comic submissions, and photography submissions. You can find details of these submissions and themes at our facebook page.