An Introvert's Survival Guide by Psych2Go


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At Psych2Go, we are excited to present you with our very first e-book! In An Introvert’s Survival Guide, we provide interesting facts on introversion, tips n tricks on dating, work, and surviving small talk, personal stories from introverts, and much more! Our goal is to educate the public about introversion in a way that combines both authentic storytelling and psychology.

We wanted to join the movement on tearing down stigmas, myths, and stereotypes surrounding introversion. This is our way of supporting our fans who have faced adversities with being an introvert in a world that favors extroversion.

To show our gratitude, we are giving our e-book away for FREE! Get one for yourself, your friend, family, and loved one! Spread the word and stay involved! Whether you are an introvert or extrovert who supports the movement, we hope you all continue to unite! This one’s for you! ♥

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-The Free is no longer available. 


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