Social Networking Events for Psychology Enthusiasts

Are you a fan of Psych2Go? Do you follow us because you are curious about the mind and how we work? If so, join our first ever social networking event just for psychology enthusiasts. 

The events will be of high school students all the way to young adults who are passionate about psychology. Thinking about studying it in the future. A chance for you to connect or have a coffee date with someone in the field. 

Get to learn more about psychology and maybe even find a date. 

Just fill out the following information: 

1. Name 

2. Location 

3. Current education 

4. If you're a high school student, what do you plant to study? 

5. How did you first discover psych2go? 

6. What do you hope to get out from it? 

7. Want to join our events, and meet likeminded people? 

Email your responses to no later than April 1st. 


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