IHeartPsychology Store Launch (About Us)

IHeartPsychology Store Launch (About Us)

Today is the first day, well, not officially the first day of our launch since we were quietly working on setting it up which took ages. 

However, with IHeartPsychology, our goal is to bring to you reliable and quality products that bring therapy into your life. Let's fly. 

Life isn't meant to be a hell for everyone. That's why we have psychology. Lessons that we can take to better help ourselves and others. That's why we have counselling and therapy for those who needs them. 

That's why we have other people who are kind enough to brighten another person's day. Whether that be words, or kind gestures. 

Our goal at IHeartPsychology is to make sure everyone feels a sense of happiness in this world and can make use of psychology merchandise to remind them that there's hope. 


IHeartPsychology Team 


PS: We know this was poorly written, but hope someone gets the idea of where we're trying to go at. We will definitely revise the vision a bit more as time goes on. 

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