“5 Signs of Strong Physical Attraction, Backed by Research” by Michal Mitchell

“5 Signs of Strong Physical Attraction, Backed by Research” by Michal Mitchell

INTRO: Do you have a hunch that someone is physically attracted to you? Maybe you’ve caught them staring into your eyes a certain way, or maybe they’re a bit nervous around you. You sense there’s an attraction there, but you’re looking for a few more hints. Clinical psychologist and researcher Sabrina Romanoff explained – in a VeryWellMind article – that physical attraction “is a physical energy that is the result of the chemistry between two people.” But how can one tell if someone else feels that strong chemistry with them? Well, here are five signs that reveal someone is likely physically attracted to you.

“An Honest Response”

Do you notice someone often blushes when you approach them? Or maybe their face suddenly gets flushed when you look them in the eyes. People blush for many reasons, but attraction can be one of them. According to clinical psychologist Mary C. Lamia, Ph.D. in an article from MindBodyGreen, “Blushing is an honest response,” she explains, that can occur when “you feel ‘caught’ being sexually excited about another person.” So if you notice they often smile and blush around you. It may just be because they’re physically attracted to you. Are you blushing now at the thought of them?

The Intimacy is In the Eyes

Have you caught your crush staring at you recently? If they turn away as soon as you catch them looking at you, it could be that they’re nervous about approaching you. How many times have you quickly turned away when your crush caught you staring at them? If they continue looking at you, even though you’ve spotted them, they could be trying to communicate that they want you to approach them. They’re letting you know they’re available to talk to. And this intense eye contact has its benefits. According to a 2020 study published in the journal Computers in Human Behavior, it may even increase intimacy – no questions asked. Well, fewer questions asked. Shall I explain? The study wanted to analyze the relationship between eye contact and romantic attraction. The researchers studied their participants as they went speed-dating under different conditions. The results “suggest that communication conditions with eye-contact result in less information-seeking behaviour, in terms of question asking. However, people share more personal, intimate information about themselves to their interaction partner. Conclusively, eye-contact in initial interactions induces less uncertainty and more intimacy, compared to interactions without eye-contact.” So if you notice they keep the intense eye contact up when they’re speaking with you, this may not only show that they might find you attractive, but it may naturally build intimacy in the process.

Anxiety-Related Reactions

Are you nervous around someone you like? Even if we try to hide it, it’s likely someone can pick up on the idea that we’re nervous. You may have even acted awkward around your crush. Ah, the awkward memories… A 2020 study published in the journal Adaptive Human Behavior and Physiology examined nervous reactions from their participants when interacting with a potential partner or attractive individual. The study states that: “Participants reported that they did, indeed, experience a cluster of anxiety-related physiological and behavioral reactions during an initial encounter with someone they found highly attractive.” So it’s not just you – plenty of people become nervous around people they fancy. Pay close attention to whether someone’s behavior strangely shifts when they notice you, this could be a sign you make them nervous! Why? Because they find you attractive. So if you notice they stumble over their words, or get lost in your sparkling eyes, they’re probably just surprised by how remarkably attractive they find you.

How Long Do Your Hugs Last?

A brush of the hand, or a lingering hug could be a sign they have a strong physical attraction towards you. According to Ronald E. Riggio, Ph.D – the Henry R. Kravis Professor of Leadership and Organizational Psychology – “allowing one’s hand to brush up against, or rest upon another’s body are seduction cues.” Do you notice this person often hugs you a bit longer when you say goodbye? Accidentally brushes their hand against yours? Do they give you a big ole squeeze that just feels a bit more intimate than others? When you really like someone, you’re gonna want to be close to them. Especially when you’re physically attracted to them. You may linger your hand on their shoulder when talking to them. Or you may give them an extra long hug when you say goodbye. Maybe they’re simply trying to seductively cue you into the idea they “like-like” you.

Tone & Pitch Changes

You’re approaching your crush, and hear them talking to their friends, then suddenly their voice changes. Language and speech researcher, Dr Marina Kalashnikova, from the University of Western Sydney, told ABC Radio Melbourne’s Lindy Burns that: “the voices of the two people who are speaking to each other, if they are attracted to each other or if they experience positive emotions towards each other, they start becoming more similar,” she explains. This could mean they even start to mimic you, or their pitch may change if they like you. She further explains that: “changes in the pitch of our voice or in the rate of our speech, so how fast we’re speaking, are happening according to how we feel about the conversation but without our conscious control.” Hhmm, if you notice their tone is starting to sound a bit more nervous, their pitch changes, or you notice they subconsciously start to mimic you, it could be that there’s an attraction for you there all along. Or, they just have a really bad sore throat. 

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By Kelly from psych2go.net


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