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Journaling Mini Course Digital (PDF)

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At Psych2Go, we've been thinking for a while what program or courses we could offer to give you guys more value and help with whatever you're dealing with in your life. 

For myself personally, I use journaling as a way to review, analyze and reflect on things. Some might talk to another person, seek counselling or therapy, find info online, but journaling has many real benefits. 


  • Stretches your IQ 
  • Evokes mindfulness 
  • Achieves goals 
  • Builds emotional intelligence 
  • Boost memory and comprehension 
  • Strengthens self discipline 
  • Improves communication skills 
  • Helps you look inwards instead of outward 
  • Sparks Creativity 
  • And many others 

If you're interested in being a part of our 30 days journaling challenge where we work with you to help you analyze, problem solve and reflect on your problems, give this mini course some love! 

Our mini course is due to release in September, but your support now will help provide the funds to get it off the ground. 

We're hoping to get 100 entries! Help us reach out goal! And feel free to reach out to us with ideas!

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Here's the link: Psych2Go Digital Magazine Bundle 

Also, we have 100% money back guaranteed too if you want to cancel at any time. 


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Once you buy this, we will also invite you to our Facebook Group for a chance to document and share your journaling journey as well as a chance to watch our live streams.