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Psych2Go Plushie

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Hi everyone, we're putting this item on hold at the moment. If you've ordered one and still haven't received it, email myself at with your order number. I will resolve your issues. 


Our main character or mascot on our channel is called PSI (gender neutral). If you want, you can pre-order this here. 

This is a pre-order. We need about 100 of these to get it reach printing goals. If we don't hit the goal, we can refund you. 

The proceeds goes towards creating more quality animation and videos for you guys on our Youtube channel:

The plushie is made of soft, high-quality fabric, and is perfectly squishy for cuddling.

Let PSI greet you everyday with their warm, welcoming smile.

What does PSI mean? 

PSI is the 23rd letter of the Greek alphabet and has a numeric value of 700, and stands for psychology. 

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